Allen Hunt

Dearest Allen, sIx Christmases have now gone by without you, how I miss you, as do our wonderful Family. How very proud you would be of them all. I can see so much of you in them, your kind, thoughtful and caring ways, how blessed I am to have their love and support. Our Grandchildren have such funny and fond memories of you, which will stay with them always. Love you always x


Veronica Barley

Thinking of you always, and especially at Christmas.

Allen Hunt

My Dearest Allen, it’s been four long years since we were parted, my love and devotion for you is as strong as when I kissed you goodbye. Our wonderful Family are always here for me and you would be even prouder of them than you already were. We all miss you so much and find comfort in happy memories of the great times we shared with you. Rest in peace my Darling. Until we meet again Jackie xx

Tracy Smith

In memory of the one of the brightest lights in life, missed this Christmas as always xxx

Jim Washington

Another Christmas without you after such a difficult year.
I still think of you every day but can now smile when I remember our life together.
Love you always
Jenny xxx

Mary Powell

Mary died at home just over three years ago. She was very brave. She had received excellent care at the Churchill for cancer. I took her service at her cremation where her cask was covered in orchid petals and over a hundred people turned up at her memorial celebration in Cumnor Village Hall.

Keith Nixey

Missing a dear husband, dad and grampy, forever loved and remembered.


Ann and Stephen McInerney

Remembering wonderful parents, Nanny and Grampy. Thank you for all the memories we miss you both every day. See you when you are older ..... xxxxx

Barbara Dunford

Still love you so much and miss you constantly and can't believe it's nearly seven years since you had to leave me. Everyone else misses you too, baby, especially your mum. Tell the folks up there that I love them as well. Sleep tight.

Julie Thompson

You will always be the brightest shining star up there.

We love and miss you, thinking of you always.

All our love,

Emily Ceri Albert Ralf Laura Jake and Rachel


Sarah Woodford Jones

We all miss you so much.

Terry Beardall

I miss you Pops. You'd have loved to spend Christmas with your grandchildren but we make sure they know you as best they can through stories and happy memories of my wonderful Daddy. xxx

Gwilym Mason


You gave us so many wonderful memories.

You are forever in our hearts, always in our thoughts.


Ruth, Huw and Tom xxx

Allen Hunt

Darling Allen, it’s now three years since you peacefully slipped away from my life. I miss you more than words can say. I look back with fondness of the wonderful times we had together and with our lovely Children, Mark, Mandy, Nikki and families, your forever in our thoughts, you will never be forgotten xxxx

John Hollington

Miss you so much every single day and more than ever this time of year. Love you always x

Arthur, Mary & Christine

Always remembered

Veronica Barley

Wish you were still here.
Love you lots,
Emma and Ben

John Draycott

Dad your thought of everyday, we still can’t believe your gone.
Your be in my heart forever,
Until we meet again love always Nick x

Michael Leonard Williams

We all still love and miss you and wish you could have stayed with us a lot longer.

Philip Duncombe

10 years on but never forgotten x

Catherine Long

Miss you so much Mum xxx

Geoff Lunn

You always loved this time of year and would have been on version 78 of your Christmas menu plan by now! We still miss you, your fabulous cooking, sense of humour, love of music and wise counsel. We do our best to keep making you proud and think of you every day.
With all our love xxx

Mary Wassell

Taken too soon but reunited with her love.
Missing you always and never forgotten.
We will remember you when ever we see a Robin

Peter Davis

Miss you lots you old sod xx

Edna Bale

You are resting in the arms of angels mum, till we come and join you.
Forever in our hearts.

Jim Washington

Still missing you everyday.
We were so lucky to have a wonderful marriage of 46 years .
Love you always.
Jenny x

My amazing auntie Tracey xx

It hard to put into words how much I miss you .. . Christmas was a time we both loved, especially as you put your decorations up at the start of November EVERY year meaning I could persuade mum to put ours up because auntie did haha! Every year we cheers to you because you were and still are the most amazing lady I have ever met.
Love you to the moon and back my Tracey Beaker.

Dianne Colwell

My wonderful Mum - my mind still talks to you...my heart still looks for you...my soul knows you are at peace...in my heart forever...I love and miss you every day xoxo

Kevin Gale

You will always be my one true love Kevin, I miss you every day. Till we meet again in that beautiful place, all my love forever. Chriss XXXXX

Dearest Richard Lay

Much loved and always remembered, we miss you Richard every day.

Safe in God's keeping.

Till we meet again.

Patrick White

Forever in our hearts xx

Arthur Leonard Cross

Missing you and sending lots of love

James Sonn

We miss you everyday. You will be in our hearts forever.

Lina Ann Beckett

To my lovely sister and best friend,
We miss you so much and you are in our thought every day and always will be. Taken away from us too soon and you had so much to live for.
Lots of Love
God Bless

Philip John Ray

22-9-59 to 15-09-18
Remembering, loving and missing you so much my darling husband, my soulmate and indeed “the love of my life”. I do so today (just as I did yesterday) and will do every day hereafter until we are together again.
“You to me really were, are and always will be my everything”.
RIP my love
All my love now and forever more. xxxxxxxxx

SOUTHON Sandra Ann

Our Matriarch I will work to be more like you everyday My best friend Sorry

Susan Forster

We miss you so much. You were the most selfless person we have ever known. You will remain in our hearts forever ????xxx

Alan Wheatley

Remembering you today and everyday always wishing we had you with us still. The most kind caring and gentle husband and grandad. Love you to the moon and back always xx

Stanley Phipps

Remembering a much loved and much missed Uncle with love.

Sally Dugan

Sally - as winter draws in - I miss our quiet times together by the fire...
We all miss your wisdom and love.

We thank everyone at Sobell House for those final days of tenderness and kindness.

Much Love


(Sally Dugan 25.01.1954 - 18.06.2018)

Malcolm and Margaret Smithson

Thank you for your amazing love and support. Forever in our hearts and thoughts. Until we meet again.

John Mills

We miss you. We have so many memories, which we will always treasure.
You will always be in our hearts and will never stop being part of our lives.

Mary Bartram

Always in our hearts
Miss you every day.
Love you Mary/Mum

David Butland (my Daddy)

We are of course thinking of you over Christmas even more than any other time and missing you does not get easier, but we are blessed with fabulous memories. I talk to Rocco about you every day and he knows how much his Grampy loves him from heaven. Xxxxxx

John and Nancy Maclean

In loving memory from all of us x

Amy Lloyd (Jones)

I'm so happy I got to meet you - you were incredibly important to Jack and he just loved you. It meant so much to him when you came to visit us. You were a wonderful friend and by every account the loveliest of humans. Metta to you and your loved ones.

Amy Lloyd (Jones)

Meeting you our first week of Uni was one of the luckiest things to happen to me. You were one of the greats, a brilliant friend to me and a wonderful person to be around. You put up with all my terrible jokes and gave as good as you got. I will miss you so much. True friends are often part, in distance but not in heart. Love you Amy

Amy Lloyd (nee Jones)

We have many fond memories of Amy from Uni, such a lovely lady. Taken way too soon. Sending lots of love to Amy’s family at this difficult time.

Like we used to say at Uni, ‘If you’re a bird, I’m a bird’. I’m going to watch The Notebook again. You will always be in our hearts.

Love from Fellows & Franc xxx

Amy Lloyd (Jones)

Amy may have lost her life but she won the battle against cancer by maintaining a grace that is rarely seen in the best of people. She was a beautiful person and I’m so glad I got to know her just a little bit. My thoughts and prayers are with Kevin, and all her family and friends in this time of grief.

Kevin Paul Davis

Forever you will be in my heart love you Kev from your little sis Wendy


Julie Thompson

To our beautiful Granny,

We love, miss, and think about you everyday. Keep shining bright.

Love always,

Emily, Ceri, Albert, Ralf, Laura, Jake and Rachel

Dominique (Domi) Hill

Such an inspiration to everyone. Thank you to everyone at Sobell House for making Domi's last few months comfortable and pleasant.

Stay special Domi, shine bright beautiful lady xxxxxx

Veronica Barley

Miss you, Mum, and love you always. xxx

Lesley Anne Reed

Remembering the beautiful Lesley who sadly left us 5 years ago. Reremembered and loved every day. Cherished always never forgotten xxxxx

Cal Smith

My beautiful girl Cal,
Since 1963 you've been my love.
You are deeply loved by children, grandchildren, friends and family.
You helped us all through the five months of your brain cancer.
And we held your hand throughout your last weeks.
You animated us and helped us love life.
Your husband,
"There is something stronger than death,
It's the presence of the absent in the memory of the living"
Jean d'Ormesson, 1925-2017,

Linda keen

Missing you loads

Sarah Woodford Jones

Miss you more than ever. You are always in our thoughts.

Dorothy Underwood

Simple words but very true,
We'll always love , miss and remember you.

Always in our hearts and thoughts. xxxx

David Fleet

Remembering you at this special time of year , the memories we made will stay with me forever, along with my love for you .
Forever in my heart xxxx

Allen Hunt

Dearest Allen, you were my love my whole life, a truly wonderful Dad to our lovely children, Mark, Mandy and Nikki, a fantastic Grandad and Great Grandad. We all miss you more than words can say and are so privileged that you were ours. Thankyou for just being you. Rest peacefully my Darling with no more pain and suffering.

Trudi and John Ravenhall

What comfort we received from knowing that you walked into eternity hand in hand.
You both showed us the power of love and this continues to keep us strong and carries us through each day.
Together forever.
Always in our hearts.

Irene Borland

My dearest Mama

Thank you for all the love you gave me and for all the good times we had together. I miss you everyday but I am doing my best to use all that you taught me to keep on moving forward.

Love you always and forever

Kate xxxxxxxxx

Ann McInerney

Thinking of our amazing Mum/Nanny. It will be 4 years on Christmas Day since you passed at Sobell House. We all miss you so much but your shining light is guiding us through. We remember all the fun times we shared x

David Fleet

This time of year I find myself missing you more then ever but even more so now that you are missing out on watching your two granddaughters grow. But I also find this time of year a happy one as I remember how much you loved Christmas and I remember all the wonderful christmas’s we had together. I love you SO much and miss you even more. Keep partying.
Lots of love
Kimberley, Leigh, Phoebe and Evie xxxx

Nick Mortimer

I loved you from the moment I arrived on this earth - until the day your departed it. But the heart and memory defies physical presence. Thank you, my darling bro', for being everything you were, and are, to me.

Carole Denton

Always in our thoughts especially at this time of year.
Love always

Terry Beardall

Sixteen years since we lost our darling husband and father. Missed so much but we have many happy memories to keep us strong. xx

Jim Washington

Our third Christmas without you.
Still missing you everyday.
Love you always.
Jenny x

Monica Coldstream

Thank you, Mum. You are always in our hearts and minds. C, F, and R xxxxxxx

Jill Broughton

Hope you are sleeping peacefully Mum/Nanny. Christmas won’t be the same without you. Miss you xxx

Jane Elizabeth Curtis

Janie - Forever Young

Always missed, Forever loved.

Goodnight, God bless.

Gwilym Mason


You gave us so many wonderful memories. You are forever in our hearts, always in our thoughts.


Ruth, Huw & Tom xxx

Edna Bale

Although we cannot see you, we know you are with us every second. We love you mum/nanny with all our hearts.

Pat Temple

Dad we all miss you every day but we know you will be having a lot of fun up there.
Love you so mush hope you have a great xmas..X

Zoe Campion nee Howard

Our beautiful friend, Zoe, passed away in 2005 and we miss her so much. The staff at Sobell House were wonderful in their care of Zoe and all her many friends and family. Love and miss you Zoe xxxx


How lucky I was to have you as my guiding light in life. Shine bright mama xx

Our Beautiful Mum Sally

2018 the most bittersweet year yet. We love and miss you more than you will ever know. Keep on lighting up the sky for us my beautiful star xx
Merry Christmas mama! I hope you’re wearing your Christmas lights up there with all the angles! Love you all the numbers x
It’s still not the same without you! Your guiding light shines more than ever this Christmas. We will love you for a lifetime our mum forever.

Alison Stratford

Can’t believe it’s been nearly 2 years babe not a day goes by when I don’t think about all the love and happiness we shared .
I thank you every day for loving me and for letting me love you. I’m so proud to call you my wife and always will be and will always be incredibly Proud of the fight you put up to stay with me and our children. We all miss and love you so much.
Love you my beautiful Dufty xxx

Philip John Ray

Thank you for all the love you gave James, Vicky & me. Thank you especially for making my Di so very happy. I know what a tremendously hard & very painful battle you fought to stay long enough to make her your wife. I am so very proud to claim you as my son. You are and always will be in my thoughts and my heart. I am so sorry for the pain & torment you had to endure & pray you are now resting in peace.

Love always

Mum xxxxxx

Philip John Ray

My dear husband, soulmate & best friend,
The first day we met was the day I started living. Thank you for the wonderful memories we made of the amazing love and life we so happily shared. You were, are and always will be my everything. Until we are together again i’ll carry you constantly in my thoughts & heart.

I love you my darling & miss you more than words could ever express.

My amazing auntie Tracey xx

Merry Christmas! Even though your not here I know how much you loved Christmas putting your tree up in November.... what are you like! but in all honesty its a hard time of year for us all. I miss you so much every single day. I am forever hoping that I could have had just one more day with you, but i know you will be looking over us on Christmas day.I will never forget you and the amazing memories we had.

Donald Moore.

We miss you every day, & wish you were still here amongst us, but you are now with the angels, so rest in peace. xxx

Christine Barker,

Miss you. xx

Geoff Lunn

The King of Pop Quizzes. Sadly gone, but not forgotten.

Muriel Smith

We miss you every single day but even more so at Christmas,your beautiful smile outshone any Christmas lights ,we love & miss you so very much,Love always Rosemary,Alan,Kelly,Dan
Tom,Sian & your great
Grandsons Kyrin & Jonty

Muriel Smith

Miss you so much mum
Even more so this time a year
We talk about our wonderful memories of you
You have 3 Beautiful great grandchildren.
You are loved and missed always
Linda Frank Shane xxx
April and Damon xx

Leigh Emma Belmont

You are loved and missed every single day. Forever in our thoughts xxx

Maggy Price

You are forever with us in everything we do. You are always present in our thoughts and in our hearts, and we are filled with love for you and your love for us.

Barbara Dunford

Thank you for all the wonderful memories, Barbara. We keep you in our hearts and our heads. I miss you very much my darling. x

Eddie Schleising

A year has passed now- we miss you with all our hearts.

Love you lots x

Simon Bosse

With love from all your family and friends in England and France at this time and always.

My parents & sister

Always loved and never forgotten.

Thomas Frederick Horsfall

You walked with me each step I took
I remember now each glance each look
I feel so blessed to know you cared
I treasure the time that we once shared

Alana Harris

There isn’t a day go by that I don’t think about you or miss you.
I miss having you to share my crazy life and tell you all my funny story’s.
We have had so many good memory’s that we shared and that I thank you for.
love you forever xxx

Geoff Lunn

To a much loved husband and Dad.
You're always in our thoughts & hearts.

Pat & Dick smith

Love and miss you a lot x

Trevor Oswald

Miss you everyday old man!

Wish you could meet your grandchildren!

Wish we could go for a beer!

Glad you didn’t have to witness what’s happened to Sunderland AFC!!

Tony Hughes

Always remembered with love, my Darling Tony. I miss you, Beloved, so very much. Thank you for all the happy memories we made. I hold you in my heart and head always. Your loving wife, Christine.

Arthur Leonard Cross

Missing you everyday, we will love you always.

Denva Yeoman

Lovingly remembered.

Nanny mary

Not a day go by that I don't think of you and wish you was still here in full health . Spending time with your family that treasured you dearly . Hope your resting now nan . Love you to the moon and back xx

Marg and Bunny Westell

Loving Mum, Dad, Gran and Grampy


Stephen, Mum and Auntie Roma

With all my love

Paul and Liz Mitchell-Charman

Thinking of you both and all the happy times we shared, you will be forever in our hearts. X X

Veronica Barley

Love and Light to Emma and Ben and family from Pen and Russ

Patricia Hall

To my wonderful Mummy taken far to young ?? Love and miss you every day xxxxxxx

Peter Harris

You are in our thoughts every single day, We Miss you more than any words can ever say.
We miss your laugh, Humour..Everything about you.
We Love you with all our Hearts, Forever & Always... "Your Kids' xxxx

John Saunders & Mum & Dad

To my most wonderful & amazing husband John & My wonderful & amazing Mum and Dad - You are all missed so vey much. You are in my thoughts and my heart, and I love you all always and forever. We have so many wonderful memories. Keep watching over us as I know you all do, Robins. Until we meet again. Sue XXX


Thank goodness we made so many happy memories, life goes on but I still miss you so much every day .
We now have two beautiful granddaughters for you to look down on , and in time I will teach them to ski in Borovets and tell them about all the family fun times we had there .

You will always be in my heart , forever and ever . With all my love Wendy xxxxxxx

Michael Smith

It's hard to believe it has been 10 years since you passed. We miss you and love you so much. RIP x

David fleet

Missing you so much dad!

Wish you were here to meet your beautiful granddaughters who have just been born. You would have loved them. Not a day goes by where you are not thought about.

Look after grampy for us and continue to look over us all.

With all our love now and always x x x x

Veronica Barley

Thirteen years have passed and I still miss you every day. Thinking of you always, especially at Christmas. Emma and Ben

Patrick Connelly

Dad not a day goes by that we don't think of you and mum. We love and miss you both lots x

Christine Barker

To Mum
Gone from our eyes but not from our hearts. God Bless love
Roy and Sue xx

Dave Drewett

Thinking of you in happier times doing one of the things you loved most - cycling.
We all miss you and wish you were still with us.
Love always Patricia, Louise & Steve, Max, Robert & Jackie, Chris, Gunilla and Eva xxxxx.

Gary Bowyer

To my ol mucker, drinking partner and Barry manilow fan, miss u terribly mate, we will be sat at the bar together again ????????????

Harry Richard Holroyd


Missing you so much.

All our love

Steve, Glenda, Keegan, Greg, Tessa, Matilda, Amy & Cameron


Cheryl Graham

Our first Christmas without our beautiful Cheryl. Eight months ago today we said goodbye to you but each and every day you are in our thoughts and hearts. We miss you and love you more than you will ever know. Sleep peacefully Cheryl. Love Mum, Alan and your sisters, Lorraine, Kim and Debbie xxxx

Tony Gillett

Can't believe we've been without you almost a year. Miss you every day, forever in our hearts xxx

Big Nanny-Pamela Hambridge

Forever in our hearts and thoughts.
We miss you so much Big Nanny, and promise we are all looking after Big Grampy.
Love Ruby and Lily

Maggy Price

We miss you so much. For ever you shall have our deepest love and affection.

Allen Hunt

I loving memory of a very special, caring and devoted Husband, Dad, Granddad and Great Granddad. You will be forever in our thoughts. You were loved and respected by everyone who knew you. You were my sweetheart for 53 years, and I am proud to have been you wife, you were always there for me and our wonderfully Family, so unconditionally. You will be in my heart forever. Darling Allen after a long and bravely fought illness rest peacefully.

Donna Adby

Dear Mum
Sorely missed by all of your friends and family, life is not the same without you. I think of you and miss you every day.
Until we meet again rest peacefully x

Leigh Emma Belmont (Peace)

Miss you sweetheart. Forever in our hearts xxx

Terry Beardall

Always in my thoughts and still so missed. xx

Nigel Nicklin

Fondly remembered


Nigel Nicklin

In loving memory of a wonderful Partner and Father.
We miss you every single day, you will never be forgotten.
Raise your can of Fosters high Nige - Cheers!
All of our love
Your ever loving Red, and Spanky

Nick Middleton

Forever loved, and missed beyond measure xxxxx

Pam Cudd

In loving memory of our dear mum Pam. We cannot believe it’s been nearly a year that you fell asleep forever. There isn’t a day that goes past that we all don’t think about you mum and our greatest wish this time of year would be to hear your beautiful kind loving voice just one more time. Sleep well mum and we will always love you. Love from your loving family xxx

Anna Karavias

A dear friend and work colleague that’s missed every day. Work can never be the same with out you there. You’ll never be forgotten

Sarah Woodford Jones

Almost 5 years since we lost you it does not get any easier.

Pat Baghurst

In memory of a very dear daughter and sister. Missing you every day since you left us, remembering so many happy times we had together as a family. xxx

Mary Hollman

A precious and much loved wife and mother who holds a special place in our hearts. Loved so much and missed at this our second Christmas without you.
Barry and Karen xxxxx


Your beautiful hand, held many hands, warmed many hearts, allowed us to love and be loved, unconditionally. You guided us, we listened, we learned, we shared, everything. Now God has taken your beautiful hand we have no hand to hold, but our hearts are entrenched with endless love of the dreams we shared and memories we made. Always, but especially at Christmas time, we miss you. Karen, Martin & Joseph and all the family xxx

Nick Middleton

In memory of our beautiful son Nick forever in our thoughts

Mike Whay

Your fight was inspirational and so lucky that we were able to bank some amazing memories during your journey. Miss you every day but know that you are now Dancing In The Sky. Lots of Love Lynne. xx

Philip Duncombe

An inspiration to many. "What are you waiting for?!"

Edna Bale

You are missed so very much but our memories and love for you stay with us and keep you alive in our hearts.

Victor Bishop

A thousand times we needed you. A thousand times we cried. If love alone could have saved you, you never would have died. A heart of gold stopped beating. Two twinkling eyes closed to rest. God broke our hearts to prove he only took the best. Never a day goes by that you're not in my heart and soul.

Victor Bishop

Dad, God knows how much we've missed you since you went away. We'd give anything just to see you smile.

Sandra Jarvis

Missed and loved every day.Love from John.Gail and Martin and Glenn.Much loved Grandchildren.Georgia and Giles.xxxx

Barbara Dunford

We all think of you and wish you were still with us.

I miss you every day and cant believe it will be 5 years in February since you had to leave.

Give everyone a hug for me.

Take care, my love,
Paul xxxx

Caroline Thacker

Caroline xxxx

Love and miss you Beautiful Angel.

Our Bright, Sparkling Star.

All our love
Mum and Dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

John&eunice saxton

Miss you mum & dad at this time of the year love you both xxxxx

John Webb

To the most wonderful, amazing DAD
We all miss you so so much, life will never be the same without you. Your in our thoughts and hearts, and we love you always and forever. Keep watching over us as I know you do,robins,rainbows and stars. Love you my precious dad Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

John Webb

Dad, we love and miss you so much, your always in our thoughts. XX

Viv masters

My sister Viv. Miss you every day.
Forever beautiful.

Gwilym Mason


You gave us so many wonderful memories. You are forever in our hearts, always in our thoughts.


Ruth, Huw and Tom xxx


Nan, I miss you more & more each day as the time goes past.
You are always in my thoughts & no-one could ever have had a more wonderful person for their Nan than I had. All the Fairies, Stars & Gramps. All my Love, forever your Queen xx

Den Yeoman

You are very sadly missed by us all but will never be forgotten.

Araxie Molineux

Always in our thoughts

Jim Washington

This will be my second Christmas without you.
Still missing you so much.
This photo is a memory of our last
visit to Australia in 2014.
Love always. Jenny x

Martin Tylor

Dear Son, we are always thinking of you and miss you very much. You were a good son to Mum and I we were always proud of you.

Do please continue to watch over Mum as she watches over you.

Love Dad xxxxx

Eileen Tylor

Dear Eileen, you are much loved and sadly missed. I cherish your memory and our long and loving marriage, we were the best.

All my fondest love.

Pat xxxxx

John Wyse

We miss you always and talk about you often.
Rest in peace Dad.


Miss you so so much, wish you were still here to see how your lovely family have grown. You would be so proud of them all. Always in my thoughts xxxxxx

Steph Cummings

Missed & Loved forever by all including, Marg & Keith, Pat & Ted, Ann & John,Kerensa Miles Alice & Edward, Lynn & John, Lisa & Al, Chris & Steve, Steve & Cathy, Irene & Ken, Denice & John, Beth & Julian, Ranj & Mohinder, Ed & Andrea, Sandra & Darren.

Dr Christopher John Cheetham

Miss you so much. With all my love as always, Su xx


We think of you every day and cherish our memories of you.

John & Gaby Barnes

Always in our thoughts and hearts. Missed every day.

Arthur Leonard Cross

Thinking of you always but especially at Christmas xx